Publications & Projects

Here you can find scholarly publications, recent collaborations, and current projects.


The Genesis of the Soviet Prelude Set for Piano: Shostakovich, Zaderatsky, Zhelobinsky, & Goltz

This Master's Thesis explores four Soviet composers—some better known than others—and their contributions to a musical genre.


Subverting Laughter: Re-Imagining George MacDonald's Victorian Fairy Tale 'The Light Princess'

In collaboration with literary scholars throughout the world, this project contributed six original piano compositions with analytical essays exploring major themes from a multilayered story. 


Spinning Tales: Märchenfrauen and Folk Appropriation in Nineteenth-Century Music

This was a talk given at the inaugural meeting (Oct. 28 2016) of the UCSB Folklore Group, an interdisciplinary collective of faculty and graduate students from comparative literature, film studies, linguistics, theology, and more. The talk presented some of my dissertation research as it pertained to the symbol of the old female peasant storyteller or Märchenfrau, and her musical and cultural uses. 


"Preludes to an Afternoon" Concert Lecture

I gave a pre-concert talk for a Piano Department event at Westmont College that gave historical context to Chopin's 24 Preludes, op. 28. It was a collaborative concert involving all the students of Dr. Steve Hodson and I, as a former student, played Preludes Nos. 1 and 2.