Matthew Roy is a musicologist studying and working as a PhD candidate in Musicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received a M.A. in Music from Eastern Washington University, Spokane, and a B.A. in Piano Performance from Westmont College, Montecito, California. His current research interests include music and childhood, genre studies, preludes and improvisation, nineteenth-century music, Soviet music and culture, and canon formation. His dissertation, Musical Chairs: The Musicalization of Romantic Childhood, explores music and childhood in its various sociological, ideological, and performative aspects through its emergence in the eighteenth century and subsequent reification into the nineteenth. His Masters Thesis, The Genesis of the Soviet Prelude Set for Piano: Shostakovich, Zaderatsky, Zhelobinsky, and Goltz, breaks new ground in English-language research by exploring marginalized composers and repertoire. He has given a paper, Dehumanization in the Prelude Set of Vsevolod Dmitrievich Zaderatsky, at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Chapter AMS Conference and has had an article “Preludes for Every Occasion” published in the magazine Clavier Companion (Sept. 2014). In addition to these scholarly endeavors, he also studies and works as a listening therapist, pianist, organist, choral conductor, composer, arranger, and private teacher.

Matthew considers interdisciplinarity an extremely important aspect of his work and continually pursues knowledge outside of musicology to augment and inform his studies. His main interests include linguistics and language acquisition; literary studies, especially children’s literature studies, comparative literature studies, folklore studies, and translation; sociology; religious studies; and visual art, especially illustration. He has participated in Subverting Laughter, an international collaboration of scholars and artists that explored and re-imagined The Light Princess, a Victorian fairy tale by Scottish author/preacher George MacDonald. He specifically contributed to “Re-Awakenings: MacDonald and Music” through original compositions and hermeneutical commentary.

Matthew also considers teaching as integral to his academic endeavors. He has taught courses on Music History and Music Theory both as an Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate in multiple institutions, has devoted considerable energy toward pedagogical research and training, and has been nominated for UCSB’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award on several occasions. He is also involved in public musicology and has delivered preconcert talks as well as topical lectures and lecture-recitals at various venues. Most recently he was both the headline speaker and one of several pianists to participate in “Preludes to an Afternoon”, a collaborative performance of Chopin’s 24 Preludes op. 28.

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