One Moment to Breathe

Today a year ago my wife and I discovered that we were pregnant. Forty-some weeks after that Jess birthed our sweet, little wonder, Penelope, a healthy, feisty, strong infant with bright, blue eyes. In the three and a half months since we brought Penny home, Jess and I have been privy to a constant spectacle of discovery: smiles, car rides, lip-quivering cries of fear versus ear-splitting cries for attention. Jess and I are both more exhausted than we have ever been and we are grateful to those who have helped us and stood with us through this challenging, life-transforming time.

I am hoping to have some time this summer to write more often. Penny's arrival came at the very end of a year-long battle with COMPS, and actually overlapped with me creating and presenting a "Music Appreciation" course for a summer session at UCSB. There hasn't been much time. :)

Next time I will be continuing my coverage of my adventures in parenting by talking about music for infants. What is its purpose? What type of music is preferable?

See you then.


  1. definitely some Lullabyes should serve as Music for infants
    For obvious purposes :)
    My non original suggestion is Brahms' last piano solo compositions

    1. Arnaldo, nice suggestion with the Brahms. Op. 118 No. 2 is a particular favorite to play. Some of those pieces may be more appropriate for baby gymnastics then as lullabies. :)

      I followed up this post with another where I present some thoughts on baby music: http://www.matthewjroy.com/2015/08/baby-songs.html

      Best, MR


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