UCSB Quarter No. 1 - Musical Portraiture (Batch 2)

Here's the last of the little gems. Today I assisted in the administering of their Final. Everything is just about tied up. Very excited to rest!
Love this one!
A very good likeness!
Horrifying on several, visceral levels.
How else is Beethoven going to express his Christmas cheer?
It's best to conduct a marching band with
a trash can on one's head.
Actually, this once looks a bit like my uncle Robin, who I am
sure would also be stoked about a new "Eighth Note" book.
Britney, minus the sex appeal.
His joy is real.
The bow tie just makes it all the more sinister.
Hmmmm... Should I have Swan Casserole or Walnut Soup tonight?
Decisions, decisions...
Berlioz ready to conduct right as he steps off his flying saucer.
Apparently all the minor notes emanate from Chopin's right hand/stump.
...looking really disgruntled.
William Grant Still sure looks fun to me.
I'm trying to figure this one out: what is Barbara Strozzi's political platform?
I can't get a handle on her star dress or the fact that a dead, Baroque composer
is running this year for office. Double thumbs-up!

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