UCSB Quarter No. 1 - Musical Portraiture (Batch 1)

Well, that first quarter at UCSB is almost over; I still have some papers to grade, still have a short essay to write, and still have a MUS15 final to proctor (à la Berlin Wall guard), but things are definitely coming to a close. I don't say "winding down" or "relaxing" simply because there are parts of me that continue to spin their gears - right now my vacation is like the silence after listening to Ustvolskaya's Fifth Piano Sonata: ringing with strange beauty and unremitting dissonance. I don't meant to make this post a downer, but this quarter was very hard in ways that I did not expect. I plan on recovering and growing and leaning into the tone clusters.

Part of getting through challenges, I've found, is celebrating the humor that is all around us. I couldn't resist sharing the composer portraits lovingly devised by my very own MUS15 sections after their last quiz. Here's the first batch. Not sure what these pictures actually assess concerning my students' comprehension, but they're great for a laugh! Enjoy!
Here we see a trim George Handel complete with a squid
dangling out of his jacket.
Apparently Silvestre enjoys wearing ironic, anachronic wigs whilst conducting. 
A Death Star manned by Mayan priests?!? Oh, John, why?!?!
This is your mind on Romanticism.
(Thank you Edvard Munch.)
Beethoven, Queen of the Underworld!
Angry Elmo, that is NOT a good wrist position!
Highly unlikely. But cute.
Nijinsky: famous choreographer + dancer by day, unstoppable superhero + dancer by night.
Beethoven with the dead eyes of a deep sea angler fish.
How exactly will old Jimmy Stewart pensive Chopin play without any hands?
Tchaikovsky with literal Sugar Plums dancing in his head.
What Charlie Brown would look like in 1827.
This student decided to redraw Schoenberg's self portrait
without the existential, expressionistic horror.
Nailed it!
Flames regularly burst from Beethoven's head while improvising:
"Take that, Steibelt, you hack!"

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