Putting a Grimm on Your Face

According to today's Google Doodle (where I go for all my most important research needs) exactly two-hundred years ago the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published the first installment of their Kinder- und Hausmärchen. I realize that they day is mostly over and any attempt I might have made to organize a world-wide Grimm-Read Marathon is probably moot, but with the last waning rays of the wintery sun might I suggest a bedtime story: GrimmStories

Ok, here's how I would suggest doing it.
1. Go to the above site - preferably at twilight, the most magic of moments
2. Look under GrimmStories Complete List
3. Close your eyes, scroll, and select a story at random
4. Read and tumble headlong into something truly amazing, bizarre, and surprisingly personal
(5. Optional: After reading in English, translate it into a parallel language story one of six other languages by clicking the buttons at the bottom.)

It's THAT simple! You'd be surprised at the vast wealth of stories on that site. I'm currently enjoying my German by reading them sequentially and am currently somewhere around the 110's. If random picking is not to your liking I would highly suggest trying out the epic story "Two Brothers" KHM 60. Nothing short of amazing!

Happy Kinder- und Hausmärchen Day!

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