What we did on Halloween

This year Halloween found Jess and I recovering from a bout of coughing-cold sickness that swept the Santa Barbara area a few weeks ago. Just about all that we had energy for was to enjoy the 1993 goodness of Hocus Pocus and carve our extremely tiny pumpkins. As you can see from my two last pumpkins (Shostakovich and Josquin Desprez) I like to be composer themed, and this year after some solid research...

...I decided to listen to a bit of Totentanz and try to capture the macabre visage of Franz Liszt.

In the concerto proseminar we've lately been problematizing and arguing over his first concerto, so I'm definitely one of those people bold enough to do a topical, controversial pumpkin carving. Truth bomb!

I realize that you can only really figure out what it is by reference to the original picture and using a heavy dose of imagination. I blame that on the incredibly tiny size of the pumpkins and the incredibly large size of our kitchen knifes.

I think Jess's pictures really capture the essence of the holiday season. Have a great Harvest season!

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