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He Qi
I've recently begun to really get excited about languages. The passion is fueled by several things: the freedom of summer vacation and its accompanying lack of thesis writing, the amazing language programs at UCSB that people have told me are very, very good, and resources on the web, especially a site called LiveMocha, essentially Facebook-meets-free-Rosetta-Stone—language classes and interactive communication with other users around the world who can correct your assignments and give encouragement, among other things. I've recently been grading some English assignments for grammar, spelling, and overall proficiency, while taking some preliminary Russian vocabulary primers. It's a very good task to play the teacher as well as the student, and opens up my mind to the possibility of translation or language teaching.

The site also has a blog. I've only read three posts, but I really love it. Great community-building environment full of good tips and stories and motivations. This post in particular, "My Personal Top 10 Language Learning Tips," is stellar in highlighting the various means by which language learning can take different techniques to exercise the brain and get those synapses firing. In the posted comments of this little essay, someone mentions writing in your new language, especially in a potentially vulnerable public blog platform. In my mind, writing is the other side of the coin to reading, as working out biceps is to triceps. I've been looking for some guidance in this area, and have decided to incorporate more multilingual posts on this blog.

I'm not sure what they will be about, but I will be developing my German, Spanish (Jessica and I are working on it together this summer), French, and later Russian and Gaelic to such an extent that I can write posts on a variety of subjects. It's a little ambitious, but I am very excited about the idea and the freedom inherent in it. If you know any of the languages that I write in, please feel free to give me a little feedback!

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