Magister artium at your service!

Today I woke up as a Master of Music. At 2:30pm yesterday, after an hour and a half of rigorous but thoroughly enjoyable defense of my one-hundred-and-twenty-nine thesis, my hand was shaken by the final committee members and Jane Ellsworth greeted me as "maestro!" While there are a few more formalities yet to come (printing four copies of the document on "thesis bond" paper, getting a fancy robe, waiting in the hot, hot sun for the R's), I have completed what Jess and I set out to do. It is such a lightening of the heart to be done with it.
Me at my Defense!

My defense consisted of Jane Ellsworth, my advisor and musicologist, Kendall Feeney, my piano professor, and Dana Elder, a classicist from the Honor's Department. Jess got to sit in as well. We talked about music and Socialism, genres and propaganda. I especially appreciated Dr. Elder's questions, which looked at the issues of my research from a broader angle and brought in some interesting rhetorical and philosophical comparisons. It's one thing to research a topic, write a paper on it, play the music it discusses; it's another to hold together strands of thoughts in the mind and attempt to present them in a coherent, non-tangential manner. I was honored to talk with these people and to hear their praise for a hard-earned document they described as "dissertation-worthy!" Kendall even said that she would use the information in the paper for when she teaches Twentieth-century Piano Lit.

So what's next? Just off the top of my head:

  1. Packing. We taped off a 6x8 area in our living room to see what we will be taking back to California.
  2. LOTR. I told Jess that I wanted to watch Lord of the Ring when the thesis was done.
  3. One more baby paper for Baroque class where I look for the inventio and dispositio of Bach's Fugue in A-flat Major, WTC1.
  4. Graduation in about two weeks.
  5. Enjoy the sun. It has risen indeed!


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