How Spring should be!

(Photo by Jess from Jess Roy Photography!)
Just look at this picture. Look at it! Smell the sea salt. Listen to the softly crashing waves. Feel the brisk ocean breeze and the warmth of the sand and, above all, the scintillating heat of the sun on your face! This is Spring! Does it make the Seasonal Affective Disorder that much more powerful when you get back to Spokane? Yes. But it's so worth it.

Jessica and I got down to southern California over Spring Break. It was fantastic. We stayed at Jessica's brother RJ's house with his wife Anna and their almost-three-year-old Landon. The kid is a handfull of energy and has articulate things to say about, mostly, wrestling. He will also eat anything, almost more than me.

While we were here, I got over to the campus of UCSB and met up with Dr. David Paul and four current gradstudents. It was very encouraging to talk with them about what they were studying, what their TA duties were, and all the language classes they were taking. They gave me a tour, including the excellent music library complete with the graduate student's ability to check out a book for a while year, and the gradstudent office which reminds me of EWU: cinderblocks, florescent lights, and no windows. I'll be right at home.

All I have to do is get through this Thesis. I can smell the spring-time ocean getting stronger!

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