The Good News

What buoys me through Go Dog Go performances? Through Analysis papers and Renaissance papers? Through snow falling during the first day of spring? What is that ray of sunshine, that lark's song, that scent of beautiful paradise lightly tossling my tresses?!?! Just this:

In case you haven't already heard, I have been accepted to graduate school! With a Masters at EWU wrapping up in June (after just one more mile-long paper) Jess and I have been really hoping and praying for a new direction. And boy do we have a direction now. The Musicology department of UC Santa Barbara is thrilled and honored by the prospect of having me as a Doctoral student! It's a wonderful financial package, a TAship promising loads of experience, and a chance to work with some professors I've heard a lot about and am excited to get to know.

Jess and I see this as the ultimate gift. Going back to Santa Barbara is like going back home, but going back as adults, as adults ready to take advantage of our surroundings. We'll be close to family, especially my brother-in-law RJ, his wife Anna, and their little Landon. We'll be close to friends from college days. We'll have the sun and the warm winds and the cascading ocean. We'll have a reason to get a Scooter!

So many good things. We'll keep you posted as things go along. Check Jess's www.royjoy.com for updates as well, especially for posts which shimmer with photographic excellence. Yay!

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