The Fine Art of Scrounging

My wife is in Seattle on business until Sunday. That leaves Numi and I to ourselves and the result is, in the very least, entertaining. Numi is lying on our bed, too comfortable to eat his breakfast. I'm listening to Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony at full tilt, drinking a smoothie I made myself. I shall call this smoothie St. Joseph's Revenge, and for those who want the recipe, here's what a home alone Matthew comes up with:

St. Joseph's Revenge
Take out blender during first half the first movement of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Clean blender because it is sticky. Add all the peanut butter that remains on the bottom of the jar. Give jar to Numi for cleaning. Add one frozen banana. Add almond milk. Feel good about the taste and the protein you're giving yourself. Add a handful of Trader Joe's Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. Blend well. Drink while enjoying the later half of the first movement of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Write a somewhat apologetic blog post about it.

I was going to post step by step pictures of the process and end result, but I think the images would be used against me at some point in my life.

All pathetic cooking attempts aside, I do reflect today on life with Jessica. Things get thrown into stark relief when she is not here. Especially through this difficult quarter, she has totally been my rock, sticking with me through Go Dog Go, Lecture-Recital, family stuff, schedules. I'm very proud of her and so thankful for who she is. So, here and now, I drain my cup of St. Joseph's Revenge for you, woman of my heart! I love you...

Ooh! Brain freeze!

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  1. You are hilarious. Shall I start preparing for your inevitable cookie coma or the very real possibility of cookie rehab? Love you MR :)


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