A Bit of Le Grand Macabre

Everyone needs a little Absurdism in their lives. Today, you get it in the form of György Ligeti's absurdist opera Le Grand Macabre. The premise of absurdism seems to hinge on the fact that you are spending time and money (as an audience member) to watch a professional production (more time and money and talent and passion, etc.) which is completely and utterly absurd. It really makes me think about where people put their energy.

The rough story of the opera is that a comet is coming to destroy the Earth and Death himself comes to tell everyone to get ready to be dead. For this particular production, Alan Gilbert conducts the New York Philharmonic. The orchestra has a place on stage and finds itself in the midst of the strange and doomed characters. The clip below is of Gapopo, the soprano chief of police. She talks in random phrases and technobabble, and yet conveys a wide range of emotions. She's like a broken toy. Jessica pointed out to me that she looks a lot like Lady Gaga. Enjoy the absurdity!

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