Lent 40: Tiny Hands

Lent is about darkness. It is about waiting for and working toward the light. I am very excited for my wife and I to be a part of Branches, a church in northern Spokane which has created a unique Lenten Calendar. Ash Wednesday began with a presentation by a group called Tiny Hands International, an organization fighting human trafficking around the world. I have been witness to these sort of lectures before, at Westmont or other churches or summer camps in high school. They're usually given by wide-eyed, idealistic college interns or bureaucratic executives who want your money. We don't usually hear from people like Jeff Blom, Vice President of Justice Operations. I was profoundly touched by what he said and how he said it. Essentially he is in charge of training police to intercept transporters, he collects evidence of exploitive activity and leads raids against them, he infiltrates holding cells and brothels with fake IDs and hidden cameras, he brings justice. In a word, he is a real life Jason Bourne, fighting for something actually worth fighting for.

I can't really say more than that right now. It was refreshing and chilling the way he did not mince words about what he's seen and what he does. He freely stated that his organization and his efforts and his nightmares will never eradicate this problem. Check out the website. Be thankful that you are not some sort of slave. Be strong.

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