With absolutely no abashment I can say that I pine for a California winter. Here the snow falls in gorgeous clusters of piquant whiteness, dancing in a Debussian manner upon every surface. But then it melts and refreezes and feels like it could cut you in half. The landscape feels like Scriabin's Prelude Op. 11 No. 4 in E minor which I'm listening to at the moment: ultimately plodding and depressive.

Op. 11 No. 4 in E minor

Nevertheless Jessica and I have at least three more months until we find out about graduate school and at least six months until I graduate from EWU. We have some work cut out for us during that time. I have only four classes this quarter: Renaissance Music, the History of Opera, Analysis, and private Piano with Kendall. I continually am amazed by the attitudes of the teachers at this tiny institution. It gives me the feeling of the reprised A section of Scriabin's Prelude Op. 11 No. 5 in D major (which I'm listening to right now). At this point I'm thinking of doing a project about Robert Carver, the sixteenth century Scottish composer or an analysis of a ars subtilior by Solage for Renaissance. I've assigned myself Tchaikovsky's Eugen Onegin and Shostakovich's Lady MacBeth for opera class, but am having a blast supplementing my experience with DVDs from the library. (It's exciting like Scriabin's Prelude Op. 11 No. 8 in F-sharp minor!) Analysis continually emphasizes the importance of listening which I find quite liberating. I'm going to see if I can analyze my work out song, Taneyev's St. John of Damascus.

Op. 11 No. 5 in D major

Piano lessons with Kendall are out of this world. She's on board with the Bach Lottery and has some great things to say about the E major preludes and fugues (though some pretty negative things to say about my edition... at least it's not Shirmer!) She and I in conjunction with Jane are going to be getting a lecture recital on the Soviet Prelude Set ready by March. I'm really excited to present this information I'm so passionate about. I have some plans to use it as well for an AMS conference in April and a possible radio appearance. And also for my thesis... :) I'm also going to be the music director for a Spokane Children's Theater production of Go Dog, Go! It should be wacky and somewhat extemporaneous.

Op. 11 No. 8 in F-sharp minor

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