Bach Lottery: Prospectus

Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues from his Well-Tempered Clavier Books 1 and 2 have represented the proverbial "Old Testament" for keyboardists for many years. As a prelude (and fugue) junky, it is my particular pleasure and responsibility to become thoroughly acquainted with these pieces, inside and out. The trick is how to cover such a large musical area while still having enough time to find the gems within. Jessica came up with the perfect solution: The Bach Lottery!

Perhaps inspired by the chilling trailer for "The Hunger Games," Jessica suggested that I write the pieces from both WTC books on folded paper and put them in a jar. Every month we will remove two pieces of paper. All forty-eight pieces therefore shall have a month of playing time and I'll be done in December of 2013. This will be awesome!

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