Happy Halloween from Spokane. We're told it should snow within two weeks. Jess and I are figuring out how we're going to stay fit this winter inside as we are not winter sports people. The only other heartwarming thought is that Trader Joe's has opened several blocks from our house: Joe-Joes, pot stickers, corn salsa, spelt tortillas, Vanana yogurt... Musical adventures abound: conducting the EWU orchestra solo, three voice counterpoint, a hurdy-gurdy demo in Medieval thanks to my brother Nathan and lots of bubble wrap, the Goltz edition on schedule, and Cold Play's new release.

I carved this pumpkin in honor of Josquin des Prez. We talked about him in Music in the Humanities and his "Hercules" Mass caught my attention for beauty and counterpoint. This glorious pumpkin had several days of Renaissance life in our house before he succumbed to the inevitability of green mold. His light shone brilliantly and how his music remains.

Really he's more like Professor Quirell. Makes it more Halloweeny.

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