Labor Day

Labor Day is a good time to mention a certain Labor of Love. As we clean out our house of four year's worth of clutter, I've decided to assess the instrument collection sitting in the basement. I've decided that to escape the Goodwill chopping block the instrument must be in good working order and get occasional playing time. After a few afternoons with pliers, tiny screwdrivers, duct tape, super glue, and a talk with Earl from Hoffman Music, I now have two instruments ready to go. The first is the accordion I believe Aunt Marsha played when she was little. It needs some tuning, but no longer drones inappropriately. The second is the practice bag pipes I've been too embarrassed to play. After taking it apart and finding the instruction book, I'm able to learn the fingerings with the chanter alone before attempting to tackle the moaning duck-bag part of the instrument. A lot of fun. 
PictureNow when I mentioned a Labor of Love, I actually didn't mean my meticulous care and restoration of these fine instruments. I meant the fact that my wife, Jessica, upon hearing that her husband has enthusiastically found excitement in the accordion and the bagpipe, greets such news with loving enthusiasm. I mean, the accordion and the bagpipe, the two most infamous instruments on earth! And Jessica just smiles. Thanks hon! Happy Labor Day!

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