Boris Goltz Victory Processional

PictureI first started emailing around for a copy of Boris Goltz's Preludes in July 12 after all the normal routes proved fruitless. On July 21st I received a message back from Dr. Katerina Levidou, a scholar from Oxford, who gave me the contact information of Anna Andrushkevich, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory. The summer is a slow time when contacting scholars, but beyond my hopes Anna emailed me on September 1st with the Goltz Preludes photographed and uploaded! Except for page 33. But that came on the 10th!
PictureI feel very excited about finally getting my hands on this piece of music. It's a little surreal. Treasure hunting at its best: emails to worldwide Russian scholars, translated hand written letters to museums, messages to concertizing performers and living composers. It's Blue Moon time!

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