The hum of lawn mowers

The sky is bespeckled with a cavalcade of those beautiful sheepy clouds, the ones that cover up the sun for a few moments to give you an appreciation for celestial heat. Such time also has us busy in our new home, dealing with allergies, putting away laundry, watching L&O, and getting ready for another blur of a week tomorrow.
Last week, Friday the seventeenth, I was doing this. Verne Windham of Spokane Public Radio's KPBX station gave me the opportunity to fulfill my life long Renaissance fair dream! I was the middle member of a Renaissance-style recorder trio. We performed in the beautiful Bing Crosby Theater to a hall of children and their parents, to give everyone more background into the life and times of Leonardo di Vinci, who currently has a display at the Museum of Arts and Culture. Our group included recorders (soprano-alto-tenor, sorry Telemann), serpent, lute, guitar, virginal, voice, some random percussion, and a juggler. I wore a Professor Quirrel hat. Verne dubbed us "Leo's Whistlers." It's now on my transcript.

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