HDM: Abendmusik


    Advent season in Lübeck was something spectacular in the seventeenth to early nineteenth century. Just hop over to the Marienkirche the five Sundays before Christmas and hear D. Buxtehude bedazzle you with his daring feats of orchestral/choral inventiveness and church-appropriate organ devilry. It's widely known that these events appealed to the young J.S. Bach who ended up walking an apocryphal amount of kilometers just to enjoy the sounds. I'm not sure about the specific liturgical reason for these concerts. Throughout the history of the Advent season there have been different interpretations of its meaning and purpose: penitence, fasting, hopefulness, roaming pifferari, or chocolate filled calendars. I can't help but notice that the financial backing for these concerts come from "local businessmen," and can only hope that organ toccatas weren't interrupted by commercials for the up and coming Christmas gift season: "That Magnificat in primi toni was brought to you by..."

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