Great Flamin Proslambanomenoi!

Picture(I'm trying to get that expletive into the working vocabulary of today's youth. It's an uphill battle.) This week has been very busy, but here come the highlights:

Attended and performed at the Zimmerman Music Festival here in Spokane: the gathering of five college choirs for an evening of commiseration, pizza, and music. The location was the beautiful Lourdes Cathedral on Riverside. It was a truly beautiful place to sing and wonderful to hear other choirs and get to know their directors. It's a much different experience this side of undergraduate-dom.
Flew to San Francisco (during which I read Mathiesen's Apollo's Lyre almost cover to cover), got a hybrid rental car (like riding on the back of Aslan!), and met up with Jessica in Sonoma for the wedding of a friend from college (Katie) to her grad school sweet heart (Dante). One of the stipulations of Jessica being the Maid of Honor was that she was asked to sing something about two weeks out. Make it tougher by having the ceremony in a wine cellar with no keyboard instrument. I dutifully learned the guitar chords to Patty Griffin's "Heavenly Day" and Jessica sang with a particularly moving beauty. Very enjoyable performance and foray into the world of plucked chordophones. Congrats to Katie and Dante.
PictureFrom Sonoma we went back up to San Francisco and lodged with Uncle Tom and Aunt He. Good company, good food, a friendly cat and a jittery, mean cat (how it got that way Tom tells with unsurpassed comedic timing), and piano, clarinet, alto sax, and urhu that needed to be played with. I may have convinced several family members to take piano lessons by producing some sounds from their old upright. Jessica can still work the single reed and did a pretty good rendition of Sexy Sax Man. No one can play the urhu. Except some guy in the BART station. He definitely got a tip.
Lastly, it's Holy Week. I played a Good Friday service yesterday for Our Lady of Fatima. Tonight is their Easter Vigil (complete with Creation of the World melodrama, Hallelujah Chorus, and juggling four folders) and tomorrow is Easter Sunday at Westminster.

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