Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 02/13/11

St. Giles Mary of St. Joesph

Prelude: Sonata V, Tempo di minuetto - J. Benda (pf)
Offertory: Lullaby - D. Kabalevsky (pf)
Postlude: O God, Our Help in Ages Past - arr. Tedd Smith (pf)
Today was a foray into new territory with a Singing Sunday: Seven hymns with some background sermonettes in between. Nice to sing "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" and the Nazi march "Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken." :) I prepped the choir and had a few modulations and a cappella sections to mix it up. When in Shinar...
Jiří's sonatas are wonderful. This little, rondo-like piece is transparently two-part writing, replete with shimmering trillos. It really deserves a try on an early piano or clavichord. Anyone have one I can borrow?
Dmitri's Op. 27 has some great and funky educational pieces. No. 8, translated as Lullaby, focuses on a four-note, descending ostinato figure, coloring the tonic E minor with a C-natural. Kind of ominous, but I suppose it could conceivably lull one to sleep.
Big chords! Rumbling sixteenth notes in left hand! That's what Tedd is all about with this big, march-ish show-stopper. Just one Debussian apostrophe into parallel major chords distracts from the pounding.

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