Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 01/16/11

St. Bernard and Companions

Prelude: Blest be the Tie that Binds - Virginia Carrington Thomas (o)
Choir: Deep River - ? (pf)
Offertory: Hungarian Melody No. 28 - Béla Bartók (pf)
Postlude: Cry of the Broken Heart - Merrill Dunlop (o)
Virginia subtitles her 1949 compositions as "Original Improvisations", specifically for the Hammond organ, but also containing pipe organ registrations. Very simple. I tried a technique I observed last night at a Lutheran church by playing all the pedal notes with the left foot while working the shutter with the right. Enjoyable.
I did not get down the arranger of this spiritual. Written in 1925, men in unison on the melody. Very tender. Perhaps more tender with better choral direction.
parlando recitation of "László Fehér stole a horse." Perfect for Offertory! I enjoy especially the C minor chord which resolves back around to a V-i in E minor.
Merrill could have gone better on my part. It was an overwhelming conglomeration of register changing, console changing, shutter pedals, and the crescendo pedal. Nice C minor stuff happening, some French augmented 6th chord, but hard to hear through the hand traffic jam and the touchy crescendo pedal. Ambitious.

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