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What does one do during one's vacation? Well, for me, a professed schoolaholic, that question can be a daily battle. Aside from the obvious answer (sleeping in, duh!) these are some of the things keeping me company in Spokane during Winter Break.
  1. Sleeping in. Oops. Already mentioned that one.
  2. Reading more Narnia to Jessica. We wanted to get through Voyage of the Dawn Treader before seeing the movie, but initial reviews for the movie don't paint a pretty picture. We may wait for that one to come to the $2 theater. :(
  3. Working out. Yes. The past few months I have been working on my professor physique (ie love-Handels). So now it's back to runs with Numi (the snow's receeding), Yoga with Jessica, and perhaps a membership at Gold's Gym to scream through the pain of "Superman to V's" and "Romanian Dead Lifts" (Romanian just makes them cooler).
  4. Twirling a Baton. I'm scheduled to take Dr. Gomez's Advanced Conducting class next quarter and busted out my old book and baton.
  5. Berlioz and Brahms. In anticipation of next quarter's Music of the Romantic Era with Jane, I'm immersing myself in the standard repertoire of Hector Berlioz and Johannes Brahms. I'm listening to the stuff that it seems you're always supposed to be familiar with, but perhaps have never heard. So far I've gotten through Berlioz's Overtures, some songs, the Te Deum, and about half of the Requiem. I'm sad to say that I've never heard any of Brahms's symphonies, sonatas, trios, quartets... A great void to fill these next weeks.
  6. Relaxing. It's hard, but doable.
Merry Christmas Break.

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