Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 11/28/10

Prelude: Highland Cathedral - Traditional (pipes)
Choir: O Come, O come Emmanuel - Traditional (pf)
Offertory: In Babilone - Traditional (pipes)
Postlude: Scotland the Brave - Traditional (pipes)

First day of Advent and beginning of the Church Calendar Year. And... a Kirkin' o' the Tartans Service presented by the Spokane Scottish St. Andrews Society. Nothing says Advent like a parade of bekilted men with dirks swinging at their hips and sporans filled with car keys and rabbits feet. The music was presented by the members of the Selkirk Pipe and Drums Corp, two piob mhor players and a bodhran player for the Prelude.

I shrug my shoulders when I try to think about how to describe this edition of Sunday Worship. The pipes are impressive, as is the ceremony with which it is presented. Most lovely when the second piper played in thirds harmony below the principal melody. In Babilone was my personal favorite, though I can't quite pinpoint where I've heard it before.

It was all quite foreign. I think it highlighted for me the fact that I do not have strong familial heritage, not through ancestry (how does one celebrate being sixth generation Californian, one quarter Quebecois, and one sixty-fourth Lakota, anyway?), nor at this point through church. An opportunity to play an organ, earn money, and interact with friendly people does not equal to that of a spiritual family. That has become something that Jess and I are carving out ourselves. 

With the beginning of the last week of the Fall Quarter tomorrow I suppose I shall just move forward and continue to build and discover what my flash in the pan will hold important.

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