Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 11/14/10

Prelude: Meditation from Organ Symphony No. 1 - C.M. Widor (o)
Choir: Give me Jesus (pf)
Offertory: Prelude on "Moscow" - Flor Peeters (o)
Postlude: My Wonderful Lord - Haldor Lillenas arr. Tedd Smith (pf)

MS Hunter 372 (vol. 2) fol. 124r

In my opinion worship music is always an opportunity, either to sing that "old song newly" or the new song with a sense of unscathed fearlessness. Such vitality for the tasting. As the "Church Musician" I must remain at the very least true to the fire God has lit in my own artistic bones. It's an interesting challenge to work in this church; individuals with their own particular musical hangups and preferences and me not a member. In the end I simply decide to give opportunity to myself and to those who may hearken. 

Last week was completely piano. This week I tried to give more representation to the wonderful organ. I have an unbounded love for German organ music and consequently the mushy French stuff comes slower. :) I chose this piece for it's relative short length and simplicity. Right hand melody on a solo stop, soft left hand outlining the 6/8 rhythm.

Give me Jesus. Simple. Repetition. Crescendo. I love Frenando Ortega's triple threat of the last phrase, but I guess to each his own.

Offertory pieces are habitually short and harmless. I went for a little volume and girth this week with Flor's crunchy and contrasting setting.

More than expectations for Offertory this church has their opinions about the Postlude. Therefore I sought to imbue the ending not with a grindingly gorgeous Bach or skippy Gordon Young. While I don't know the lyrics to My Wonderful Lord, the still and pungent 1950s chords settle me into the cold of outside. Plus what about a name like Haldor, eh? Lived on a flet no doubt and sailed to Valinor.

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