Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 11/07/10

Today was Piano Day. Confessedly I didn't have enough time to get anything ready on the organ to my satisfaction. Maybe I'll have an Organ Day to keep things fresh.

13th cent. Ramsey Abbey, f. 36r

Prelude: All Creatures of our God and King - arr. Tedd Smith (pf)
Special Music: Prelude No. 13 in F-sharp Major - F. Chopin (pf)
Offertory: Prelude No. 1 in C Major - C.V. Alkan (pf)
Communion: Turn your Eyes upon Jesus - Helen H. Lemmel arr. Tedd Smith (pf)
Postlude: Prelude No. 1 in C Major - C.V. Alkan (pf)

Tedd brings out some nice canonic echoes in this Geistliche Kirchengesang favorite. Nice fantasia-style.

Chopin's F-sharp Prelude is close and dear to my heart. It is the antithesis of flashy writing. The riches hidden in the crystalline diatonic melody have to come to grips with the accompaniment's chromaticisms. Simply lovely and worshipful to play.

Alkan's set of 25 Preludes are of a very uneven quality. I think his depictions of prayerful or introspective moods is most effective and this little, simple prelude exudes that perfectly. Rhythmic obligato and a melody exploring its pedal point boundaries.

I thought Communion should have a little music to accompany the dipping of wafers. Tedd's version of Lemmel's melody is full of gospel chord substitutions, colors, and countermelodies. Tasty and quite fitting for the moment.

I was going to play a loud and ruckus piece by Gordon Young, his Praeludium from the Cathedral Suite. But just over the weekend I felt as though I was copping out. This Praeludium is very Czerneyesque: empty, flashy, figuration. When I selected it and had it put in the bulletin, I felt as though that is what the people of Westminster want. Then I thought I'd rather not get in a rut with a loud organ postlude habit. I repeated Alkan's introverted meditation and hope someone felt a difference upon leaving.

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