Radegast, Czech god of Beer

1) Jess and I are planning a potential trip to Prague next year.
2) I'm doing a paper on Czech composer Georg Benda.
3) I already wrote one on Fibich.
4) I'm curious like a cat.

 It was an inevitability that I should dabble in Česky, the oft ignored language of the Czech republic. Fascinating! 
My familiarity with Russian is helping with a few things, especially the personal pronouns and verb conjugation. The combinations of sounds are truly unique, especially the gutteral h and ch (na shedanou) and the way they look in print, bespeckled with hačeks and rogue, vowel-like j's, is like looking out onto a completely new landscape. Doubtless more linguistic ponderings to come. To je nádherný!

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