Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 10/31/10

Happy All Hallows Eve and Reformation Sunday!

14th cent. Florentine Antiphoner
Prelude: Adagio from Sonata in F Major, K 332 - W.A. Mozart (pf)
Choir: Order My Steps - G. Burleigh (pf)
Offertory: Prelude No. 3 in C-sharp Major - V. Zhelobinsky (pf)
Postlude: Toccata in D Minor BWV 565 - J.S. Bach (o)

I've been working through Mozart's Sonata to truly ingest the classical style. I played the second half of the beautiful binary movement, both themes in tonic. The style is great for nuance of touch and articulation.

The choir's piece was another excellent example of middling church folk trying to pass off a soulful Gospel spiritual. The accompaniment was open to a lot of fun improvisation and moments of articulation, though much different from Mozart.

Valery Zhelobinsky's 24 Preludes came out in 1934, the same year as Shostakovich's set and Zaderatsky's. In the small amount of time I've devoted to their exploration I've found that beloved sparse and sometimes caustic Soviet keyboard idiom. The C-sharp Major Prelude (he uses Bach's order: C Major, C Minor, C-sharp Major, C-sharp Minor, etc.) is a short ten measure gem, showing a propensity of clear diatonicism, solid harmonic grounding, and subtle contrapuntal interplay. I really enjoyed this one and hope to have a chance to look through more of his offerings. PS, I wonder if anyone was jarred by the C-sharp - D7 - G progression going into the Doxology?

This church has an insatiable desire to be entertained on the organ. Today the cheese was amped up with some dimmed lights and a Halloweeny toccata by Bach. Aside from cleaning the schmaltz off my face, the piece is really quite wonderful. I enjoyed the registration and keyboard changes I was able to bring off. Overall a wonderful and dramatic piece.

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