Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 10/24/10

Rainy, rainy, rainy day. Sort of clouded by having the truck burglarized last night. GPS gone. Nothing broken though and the Learn Russian in Your Car CDs from the library are still there.

Book of Kells, f. 99r

Prelude: Salute to Scarlatti II - Norman Dello Joio (pf)
Postlude: Little Prelude and Fugue in D minor - J.S. Bach (o)

Slim pickin's for the musical selections today. It was pledge day with a lot of choir singing hymns about "giving"...

I like Dello Joio. He's kind of funny and most academic people scoff at his funky style. I've been looking through his Salute to Scarlatti pieces as we studied Scarlatti for Classical Music. Yes. None of Norman's pieces are binary. None are in the style galant. Yet I like his modern reworking of early 18th century idioms. The second movement is a slow Andante, typified by a mournful ornamental turn. Nice dissonance, but nice melodic arches and points of imitation. I had fun and it worked for the cloudy day.

I love Bach's Little Prelude and Fugue in D minor. I have visions of having it memorized and being asked to play on Bach's organ in Leipzig. Short and sweet. Lots of fun places to change registers. Good pedal work. Love that one.

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