Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 10/10/10

Aside from the 10 cookies I plan on eating tonight, I celebrated my 10/10/10 with:

Gutenberg Bible, folio I.160v

Prelude: Mazurka in A-flat Major, Op. 7 No. 4 - F. Chopin (pf)
Choir: Deep River (pf)
Offertory: Prelude on "Innocents" - Flor Peeters (o)
Postlude: Alles ist an Gottes Segen - S. Karg-Elert (o)

Practice time at the church is something of a rare commodity, like a fellow string figure enthusiast. And organ ciphers certainly don't help, nor pencils stuck in the piano hammers. And yet music is made and life is lived.

I spent several months working my way meticulously thought Chopin's Opp. 6 and 7 Mazurkas in Roseville. Such interesting and various creations with a constant emphasis on the singing melody which Chopin loved so much. Op. 7 No. 4 is an especial favorite for me. Very interesting formal layout with its corresponding tonal areas (section B oscillating between A-flat and C minor). Secion C is a dolcissimo journey to a sprightly, MacDonaldian fairy land. Then section D dives deeper into a fantastic and static world of hushed, pianissimo, smorzando beauty tinged with grief. A hardly convincing A section abruptly leads us home. Gorgeous.

Deep River was nice. The men carried the melody. Our one alto Judy did great. Numbers are lacking.

I have been leaning hard on Flor (apparently a man's name?). His preludes are one to two minutes long and relatively straightforward and yet interesting.

Tragic Karg-Elert wrote a lot of organ music with many, many cresc. and dim. wedges. This one I found was relatively straightforward with three almost-terraced dynamic levels. I would say that's my greatest tell when it comes to being an organist versus pianist: registration changes. Thought I'd give the old brain a workout and stave off Alzheimers. 

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