Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 10/03/2010

On this rainy, fall besprinkled Sunday I played the following:

Bute Master, MS. 46, fol. 32v

Prelude: As the Deer - arr. Victor Labenske (pf)
Choir: Come Thou Fount - arr. Craig Courtney (pf)
Offertory: Invention in B-flat Major - J.S. Bach (pf)
Communion: Andante from Reformation Symphony - Felix Mendelssohn (pf and horn)
Postlude: Postlude No. 4 - C.A. Kern (o)

That's quite a bit of music. The prelude is from Point Loma University Professor Victor Lebenske. Aunt Sharon was given a book of his hymn arrangements which she passed on to me owing to the necessity for very large hands. Jessica loved this one and she's heard me play it several other times.

Courtney's arrangement of Come Thou Fount is fine. Good contrasts between the voice parts although I wish he would have given more care to the nuances of the accompaniment. I felt as though I spent too much time playing forte eighth notes.

I love this Invention. As sprightly as it sounds the invertable counterpoint creates a solid framework with interesting textural shifts and climaxes. Like a scampering squirrel!

Verne Windham played his french horn with me for the Mendelssohn. Nice effect and fun to work with another musician.

I was unsatisfied with the postlude. It serves me right for picking music so last minute. I cannot find any information on C.A. Kern, dates, gender, anything. The book of "Organ Gems" belonged to Grandma "B" and has some wonderful little preludes in a simplified 1950s stylus fantasticus style. I didn't realize that the postludes were so shallow in content. Perhaps I was meant to improvise... a lot. I'll choose a bit more carefully next time.

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