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PictureEvery day we get closer... to something. Today, among other diverse and precious aspects of life, I've gotten closer to the reality of graduate school. At this point I'm registered Fall Quarter 2010 to take Counterpoint (text taken from Fux's "Gradus ad Parnassum"), Music of the Classical Era, Research and Bibliography (both taught by Dr. Jane Ellsworth, clarinetophile, music historian, and my advisor), Symphonic Choir (under Kristina Ploeger as an assistant/accompanist/musical know-it-all), and Graduate Internship. That last one is me teaching a class called Music for Humanities, an Art G.E. for probably 20-50 freshmen. It will be one hour every week day, using a W.W. Norton book called "The Enjoyment of Music". Jane gave me some great ideas for instruction and scope and focus. She also gave me her old syllabi and the names of some other grad students who got very good reviews.

I had originally planned to also take a semester of Applied Lessons, probably in Accordion... Just kidding. My accordion is malfunctioning lately, else I'd be there leading the Bierlied with the best of 'em! Where was I? O, yes. No Applied Lessons this semester because I'm getting enough with Music for Humanities AND I have, as of today, been hired as the Church Musician of Westminster (et al) Church on 3rd and Washington. (The et al includes such appellative as Congregational United Church of Christ.) I played there this last Sunday with Jessica and Kathy in the audience, hopping between Chopin's B minor prelude on the piano to "Ein Feste Burge" on their pipe organ. It's a church that in a lot of ways is in transition and the staff are attempting to view that as a golden opportunity to explore their identity. They're excited for my artistic integrity and willingness. What fun!

It would seem awfully trite to say that I'm stoked. I have a headache (though that may be induced from listening to Shostakovich 7). I'm tense. I'm silly-puttied in every direction. It's finally happening and it's happening in a way that's so ridiculously right. I've got my work cut out for me, but it's the best and most challenging type of work. Part of me wants to know why I'm blogging at 5:48 pm instead of raving into preparations like a maddened she-boar defending her piglets! Perhaps it is a God sent headache then. I must pace myself.

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