Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 09/26/2010

Prelude: Fleeting Piece Op 15 No 1 - Clara Schumann (pf)

Choir: Sweet Hour of Prayer - W.B. Bradbury (pf)
Offertory: Prelude on "Belmont" - Flor Peeters (o)

Postlude: He Leadeth Me - W.B. Bradbury arr. Tedd Smith (pf)

MS A.8, Antiquitates iudicae XV-XX f.76v

Clara Schumann creates a very elegiac mood, a pastoral F Major. The storm of the d minor, imitative section does little to disrupt and discount the effect, but rather gives depth and substance to the peace and joy when the A section returns and fades off.

A cappella Sweet Hour of Prayer is truly sweet, though it probably only lasts 2 minutes (heh heh). Four part harmony is nice.

Peeters was chosen because the piece only lasts 1 minute and that's more than enough time for the offering plate to make the rounds. I found some good ways of manipulating the stops and couples to give me just what I wanted. Next time I'll open the shutters because it may have been a little too soft.

It's a fun coincidence to have Bradbury twice. Tedd Smith's Gospel style is idiomatically rich in this piece. So much room for embellishment and emotion. The hymn tune is clearly and simply sustained, once through in D Major, then augmented in E-flat Major only to explode in rapturous, fortissimo A-flat Major, melting away back into the security of Jesus' throne in your heart.

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