Didòmhnaich Adhradh: 09/12/2010

I thought it would be fun to post the music I choose to play at church. But you already knew that from the title, huh? :) Yesterday church was held at N-Sid-Sen (Cour d'Alene Native American for "place of inspiration"), a camp on the shores of the sprawling Cour d'Alene Lake. We were doing good to have an out of tune piano and decided not to have the usual musical numbers. However the Sunday before, the fifth, I played at Westminster for the first time and here's how it went:

MS Hunter 371 (vol. 1): fol. 54r

Prelude: Prelude No. 8 in B minor - F. Chopin (pf)
Offertory: Amazing Grace - Wilbur Held (o)
Postlude: How Great Thou Art (O Store Gud) - Tedd Smith (pf)

I enjoy the hopping around from piano to organ. The congregation is filled with musicians, including NPR's Verne Windham who encouraged me to employ a variety of musical styles. I like a prelude to be contemplative, especially as it's an everyone-stop-talking-and-listen sort of prelude. For Amazing Grace I was able to select some sort of solo stop with flute accompaniment. I'm still unfamiliar with the organ stops and the presets aren't to my liking, but I've begun to make my own. I've played this particular Tedd Smith quite a bit and it's become so wonderfully ingrained in my soul. Delightful.

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