My First Assignment at EWU

PictureAfter many months of waiting I am finally getting some very first and exciting looks into what I will be doing this year at Eastern. Last Wednesday I met with Dr. Jane Ellsworth, my graduate advisor, and talked about classes, emphases, directions, numbers, and how its all going to come together this quarter. Once again the staff and faculty are friendly and supportive and competent. I have the feeling that I'm really going to love this!
I also met with Kristina Ploeger (over some Pizza Ritas and carpet replacement at Westminster UCC) and received the first physical evidence of my graduate studentness (aside from the acceptance letter, that is):
A Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas by Graig Courtney! It's a SATB arrangement of all twelve verses of the song (a Martin-haven favorite) sung in styles throughout the history of western music. My job is going to be a short blurb about historical background and compositional characteristics of each section presented to the EWU Choir to give us all a better handle on the what and the wherefore. I'm super psyched! Short and sweet! Music Nerds! Assemble!

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