Gotcha! P.H.W.

Today is my father-in-law's birthday. That makes me smile. And frown a little. And then sigh. He was strange and sad and hilarious and full, full, full of all manner of things. He's there at Tahoe Joe's taking fake pictures with his "Owl". He's at my bachelor party on the beach in SLO. He's telling us the origin of "Big Lots". He's in Paris in his 20's making illegal international phone calls. He's ordering Chinese with Kevin. I hear him in the voices of Jessica and Kaitlyn, ordering Flosties, waxing metaphysical, posing existential conundrums, "Little Choo-choo", "Sprinkle, sprinkle". We think he and Numi would have communicated on a deep and dorky level.

Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason
and your judgment wage war against your passion and your appetite.
Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might

turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody.
But how shall I, unless you yourselves be also the peacemakers, nay,

the lovers of all your elements?

-- Rumi
Requiem in pace, Dad. Requiem in pace.

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