Operation Spokane; The Transition: The Quick and Running Stream

The German-American Society of Spokane -
right next to U-Haul. Ausgezeichnet!
Ah! Smell that? That, my friends is the glorious scent of wireless internet flowing through the circuitous brain of my ol' lap top here! My blogging famine is at an end!
Good times. Just some highlights: Second Look Books (there's a downstairs!), T.S. Eliot, Madeline L'Engle, playing the guitar (C scale?), composing, Numi's painfully slow recovery, German-American Society of Spokane (above), blueberries (below), a visit from Aune, Jessica the landscaping-goddess, Music for Humanities, and a new sense of direction (no, really, I'm pretty good at locating the points of the compass now). I hope you are all well.
Check out Jessica's blog (Roy Joy) for some wonderful family updates with pictures. Oh, and Jess found my phone! (love that girl!) so you can call me too.

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