Operation Spokane; Post 3: New Rides for Crunch Time

PictureSo we were in Ventura this last weekend. Jess is off work and we needed to see our beloved siblings and delightfully giggly nephew. While we were at it we decided to buy RJ's 2004 Tacoma, red like the blood of a stallion. Don't even mess with me, ye gods of inclement weather cuz I've got the Differential Lock totally figured out! It's got carpet in the covered back and looks ideal for camping, or sleeping in a Walmart parking lot on our way to Washington this next week! Yes. That soon. There are not enough prunes in the world...
On our way up north we stopped by Granddad's in Oxnard and talked with cousin Rachel about her moving experiences. She suggested ABF and, lo and behold, we tailed one somewhere around McFarlane (attempting a pun on "tail' involving cattle but it won't come!), called the number and got a big truck plopped down on Elefa today. We have 10 x 9 x 6 and intend to stuff it to the proverbial and literal gills. Should be fun.

Fun. Funny. Funntastic. Funtastical. Flundasticomente. Bleh!

*  *  *

Q I. What is your sole comfort in life and in death?
A I. That I belong, in body and soul, in life and in death, not to myself, but to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ...

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