Dienstag Dictung XIV; Through Storm


Love cannot always ride a pleasant sea,
     Lulled by soft breezes o'er caressing blue;
     Life's frigate, packed with eager thoughts for crew,
Wherein affianced souls sail gloriously
On time's wide ocean toward their desting,
     Shuns not the tempest, though its wrath may strew
     Drear shores with wreckage of the fair and true,
Or whelm all longings in eternity:

But God, I thank thee for the might of storm
     To toss and buffet love and test its power,
That when the splendid sun's refulgent form
     Bursts through the sullen clouds that darkly lower,
The evanescent arch of light will shine,--
Token of everlasting love divine.

--Charles Keeler

(Jess got me Ch. Keeler's collection of Poems Sequoia Sonnets from a sweet used bookstore in Ventura.)

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