The Day the Earth Stood Still and Said: "Chippy, what are you doing on my property?!?!"

It's June 4th, people! A day like no other! Today Jessica is 25 years old! Yes! It's true! Congratulations, honey! Here's to what you've done, to almost three years of marriage, six years of knowing getting to know me, moving three times, finding your keys, watching Scrubs, then 30 Rock, then Bones, running a triathlon, getting a puppy, buying a car, going to England, getting your man accepted to grad school, singing in public, being a "star" for Kelly Corrigan, watching Independence Day every 4th of July, making great stir fry, scones, PB&J, mousse, cauliflower and cheese soup, winning two court cases, being a sister and a daughter and my best, best friend. And here's to all the mysterious wildness of tomorrow, of moving to Spokane, planning trips, making friends, never making Shakshuka again, living life.

I adore you.

Happy birthday.

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