Language Fest Grimm-Style

Perhaps it's overkill, what with the warning tone of the last post. But I can't help it: Grimm Stories, a sweet website. Here you'll find not only the recognizable fairy tales, but random and interesting titles like The Three LanguagesThe Blue LightThe Turnip, and The Singing Bones. Fascinating. The grandfather of all short stories.

But wait, it doesn't stop there! There's a parallel with all of H.C. Andersen's stories. Now you can gobble up The Girl Who trod on the LoafThe Little Match-Seller, and The Loveliest Rose in the World just as well.

But just hold on! There's even more! The especial and glorious beauty of these collections lies in the linguistic possibilities. You can read the stories in one of 7 languages and also a dual language view where two appear side by side. I'm thinking I'll brush up on my French by using German as my base. Crazy?

Have a good weekend.

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