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Well, Nathan and I have made it back to California. I am beginning to recover from a diet of Happy Meals and Peach Rings and Pickle flavored Sunflower Seeds, as well as days of over ten hours of drivings through all manner of scenery and weather.
With our caravan packed to the gills with fragile Renaissance instruments, re-potted cacti, and "Little Baby", Nathan's somnambulist Ball Python we set out from Augusta, Georgia at 8:00 at night. We halted somewhere around the boarder on Tennessee around 3:30 at night and slept our first night in the car while Thor bellowed in the sky above us. Another day of driving over those rolling, grassy hills and listening to the original Broadway recording of "Sweeny Todd" got us to Missouri and a much welcomed indoor spa. We got lost only a little trying to get through the confusion of Kansas City, but promptly asked the locals at a gas station, a duty about which I have absolutely no qualms.

That night we attempted to find some shelter at Pine Bluff, and instead had visions of horror movies pass before our eyes as we got lost in the inky blackness of backroad Wyoming. We safely made it to Cheyene however and set out the next day through the beautiful, desolate, and snow-laden ground of the true west. Salt Lake City was nothing but salt refineries, yet the salt flats have their own streamline, Tatooine-like beauty that only a desert dweller can really appreciate.

The last day was also the most difficult as we hit a driving easterly wind through all of Nevada, accompanied by blinding, windshield-cracking sandstorms and scurrying herds of tumbleweeds. We managed to sneak across Donner Summit right as the snow was beginning to stick and got down the mountains to Roseville, wife, puppy.

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And all this time it was Nathan and I. Such a trip. Such a marathon. I had such a good time and really feel as though we came to a new understanding of each other, or at least began the process of adult friendship. Happy 27th birthday, bro. Lov'ems.

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