Grad School!

PictureIt's official. We can finally tell everyone: I'm accepted to Graduate School!

Today Jessica and I returned from a trip up to Spokane, Washington, location of Eastern Washington University, my new crib for the next two years. Since January 7th when I was half-accepted to the program, we've been waiting and emailing and negotiating and doing our best to imagine such a wonderful change. We've been trying to get me back into school... since I left school. It's kinda what I do. We are so thankful that I haven't gotten in since now for a lot of reasons. However, we can now say that we will be moving from the state of California in July and relocating to Washington.
I talked with several professors and staff members of the music program this weekend, all very excited to meet me. Things are still working themselves out, but it looks like I'll be working on a general track Masters in the Arts, emphasis in Musicology and History, while working in the Choral department and perhaps the Piano department.

Jessica and I also managed to line up a rental house. Our friend and host Erik and Kristin were incredibly helpful this weekend and we look forward to living with friends close.

As Sophocles once said: "Yahoo!"

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