Oregon Trail

Actually, Nathan and I are in Cheyene, Wyoming at the moment. I have been forced to lay aside my flip flops and shorts for close-toed shoes and my Patagonia jacket. The biting wind is so very cold!

We are doing great. Wonderful conversations. Safe, steady driving. Only getting lost a few times. (Pine Bluff is NOT a good place to find a Hotel, but a very good place to imagine getting chopped to death by cannibals.)

Can't wait to get home to by wife and dog, but in the meantime we will be singing along with Michael Card and Steve Green CDs, debating about the Harrowing of Hell, reading MacDonald fairy tales, and in general finding our way to the land of gold and opportunity. Such a good time.
If we find some buffalo, we will shoot WAY MORE than we should. Hamburgers anyone?

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