Anno Domini Two Thousands, No Hundreds, One Tens, and No Zeros!

Yes it is a new year! It's like a repeat sign in music. Those pesky little "dottsies" as one of my 6-year-old piano students called them. All the same months. All the same holidays and weekends lined up before you in their neat little calendar boxes like a little advent calendar. I feel a lot of excitement for this year. Good composers add the dreaded "dottsies" because there's something to be said about doing the same thing again. The same notes have a different role, a more developed or developing voice heard a second time. Each repetition is a chance to learn something new about the piece and about yourself as a performer or listener.
This blog is going to be an exploration of variations on many themes: trips, holiday celebrations, made-up holiday celebrations (look for Bach's Birthday Fest in March), date nights, stir-fry nights, walks in the evening, commuting to work and back...
It looks to be a wonderful year.

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