Three Amazing Rides

This last weekend Jess and I embarked on a little Saturday vacation to the lofty heights of Lake Tahoe. With fresh new CD mixes we made it to the parking lot of one of those gaudy, 70's style casinos right across the Nevada state line in time to have a little picnic on the trunk of the Carolla: left over meatloaf, French bread, veggies, yum. We made it just in time to watch a matinee showing of Julie and Julia. What can we say? We laughed. We cried. We must have it for our DVD collection the moment it comes out. It's a movie that really inspires us to live and love richly.

That was ride No. 1.

Ride No. 2 was a bit different. After filibustering along the northern coast of Lake Tahoe we arrived at Sand Harbor and proceeded to wait in a moderately sized line with folding beach chairs and a picnic basket full of more goodies. After chatting with a friendly couple from Reno we elbowed our way to the nosebleed seats of the outdoor theater. The only trick was that in the nosebleed section there are no seats and you have to shove your beach chairs into the sandy incline and stake a claim like territorial Acrtic Geese in Siberia. We had a wonderful view of the whole stage with the setting sun.

I've never been to Shakespeare at the Beach, a Lake Tahoe annual extravaganza. Jess has been numerous times in the past and it was a real blast for the both of us to experience it. The play was Much Ado About Nothing, a favorite of ours through the movie with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh (no I am not obsessed with him; he just is an amazingly expressive actor notwithstanding his lack of lips). The play was fine, a bit long and gradually colder and colder. Flip flops weren't the best of ideas. It got on so long that a child seated to the right of Jessica fell asleep and toppled forward into the sand... multiple times.

This ride really got going with the drive home. It works out quite well that Classical music will keep me awake and sometimes put Jessica to sleep as we got home sometime around 1:30 am.

Ride No. 3! That's right! We bought a new car. Honda CRV LX 2009. Color: titanium. AC: functional. Windows: also functional. We're stoked. We really want to come visit friends and family just to experience the glory! See you soon!

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