Ah, summer in Roseville, California: the time for all young married couples to find ingenious ways to save money and yet survive the obscene and insensitive heat. After Jessica went to work today I hung thick blankets over the windows and our floor fans are on standby for direct application, should the need arise. I tempted fate by using the oven to make a Mexican Casserole, but made sure to close off the kitchen from the rest of our dark cave.

Yesterday was another matter. We are living at 414 Elefa Street, Kathy Goddard's old house which we now rent. In an attempt to get the house ready for eventual public renting, Kathy is enacting some overdue renovations, renovations that require the doors and windows to hang open in the stagnant afternoon blaze while construction workers put down linoleum or sand down window frames. Not to mention our own project to bring some life to the dark kitchen by painting the cabinets and walls, paint that needs open air to dry. Suffice it to say that this house becomes an oven, ice cubes in Ziplocks and damp towels become bedside companions, and Numi snores louder than usual (and given that he sleeps beneath our bed we sleep much less).

The lifesaver of the summer has been the swimming pool at the Martin's. Just a few minutes away, we can come immerse ourselves in Peggy and Frank's rock-lined oasis with Kyra and Ryan and sometimes Numi.

Another option is Folsom Lake which feels particularly pleasant and even picturesque.
Frozen yogurt. You can never quite get enough frozen yogurt.
One of the reasons we moved from Santa Barbara about one year ago was to experience the seasons. There's something wonderful to us about the rhythm of change that the seasons prompt: change of dress and diet and temperature. It keeps us on our toes and helps remind us that we're alive. With all the good and the bad of summer in Roseville we are so very thankful and blessed to  be here.

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